Collection: 16-SP (Krasnogorsk-2)

Adapters with 16-SP (Krasnogorsk-2) mount.

These both are 16mm film movie cameras made in USSR. They have the same mount diameter of 43mm and the same flange focal distance of 52mm. The only difference is mount lugs width.

16-SP has wider lugs (10mm) and can not be installed onto Krasnogorsk-2 camera. But Krasnogorsk-2 lens with 4mm wide lugs can be installed onto 16-SP camera. 16-SP cameras and lenses are more rare.

Our adapters accept both lens mount versions.

Being purposed for a frame size of 10.26 x 7.49mm, these lenses will vignette on cameras with larger sensor. These lenses can be adapted to most of mirrorless digital cameras. Adapers to SLR's are impossible due to these lenses are too long behind the mount flange.

Known lenses with K-2 mount are:

  • KMZ Mir-11M 2/12.5mm lens
  • KMZ Vega-7 2/20mm  lens
  • KMZ Vega-9 2.1/50mm lens
  • KMZ METEOR 5-1 1.9/17-69mm zoom lens