9.08.2022. We see increased number of unclaimed packages that returns to us. This is a difficult time, and delivery may be long. It is very sad to see such a package spent a month near its addressee and sent back.

PLEASE, track your packages with your national postal system tools (they have more info than Belpost or Russian Post) and take your packages on time. Postal offices in most countries don't even leave a note about a package available for pickup. You need to track your package yourself not relying on your postal office. They just don't care in most cases, and prefer to return a package over half of the world instead of making a short call to the recipient. Also, if you did not receive your package after a month since shipping date, it is worth to check at your PO once a week. The reason is the same - they may just not scan the package and keep it on a shelf without any notice.

We do not refund unclaimed packages automatically. Also, if refund is requested, we will deduct shipping cost and 20% restock fee since we bear quite high level of non-refundable expenses related to each order processing. Thank you for understanding.

21.07.2022. Germany continues to introduce strange new rules. We can not ship to PO boxes and business addresses in Germany anymore. Make sure to specify your residential address if you live in Germany. Thank you.

2.07.2022. We are going to setup a small distribution network to serve customers faster.

Main shipping sources are still Belarus (since our manufacturing facility is here) and Russia (since Russian Post seems to work better than Belpost even under sanctions somehow).

We have partners in USA already (California and Florida currently, but only Florida will remain in the future). They work fine for USA, but don't ship abroad, unfortunately. And shipping from USA to other countries is not cheap anyway.

Due to this, we are looking for a country with cheaper International shipping, and quite obvious choice is China. The first batch of items to China fulfillment center is on the way already. There are some delays are possible due to Covid lockdowns and quarantine in China, but I hope these are temporary issues.

If it proves to work well, next fulfillment center will be in Germany, most probably.

The only problem is that storage at those fufillment centers is paid, and we can't afford to store low-demand items there. We will try to stock items at different storehouses based on number of buyers from corresponding regions therefore (USA, Europe, Asia).

24.06.2022. We can ship to Denmark, Finland and Sweden from Lithuania. But this will be with some delays since our fellows visit Lithuania 1-2 times a month only. So, all orders from these 3 countries will be accumalated till the next visit and shipped in a batch. Delivery from Lithuania takes about 8-10 days then.

30.05.2022. Russian Post raised its shipping charges. The site settings adjusted accordingly.

Denmark doesn't process mail from Belarus and Russia as far as I can see. We trying to establish alternative routes via Lithuania. First results expected by middle of June. In case of success, we will accept orders from Finland, Denmark and Sweden again, but order processing will be longer due to necessity to forward batches of orders to Lithuania.

Delivery to USA is still unsteady, but we see 6-7 days delivery for some priority mail packages that is a good sign.

13.05.2022. A bunch of bad news today.

We can not deliver to Finland, Sweden and Ukraine currently.

Belarus restricted export of optics and camera related items. We still can ship adapters declaring them as 'aluminium connector', but if you buy optics, we will have to forward it to Moscow to be shipped from there. This will cause about 7-10 days delay with shipping.

Also, Belarus customs started to stop my packages from Belarus again since they think I'm sending too many items. That is why I'm restocking our Moscow storehouse urgently, and most packages will be sent from there. Our USA storehouses ship within USA only, so no much help from them, and we don't have many items there.

Will try to setup a storehouse in Lithuania to see how shipping works from this country.

Generally, we are still in business, but with some extra delays added to COVID and sanctions delays. Delivery time is completely unpredictable now - from 10 days to 3 months.

30.03.2022. Based on tracking history, I see that in many cases packages sent to the same country arriving there in batches. Looks like packages are stored somewhere till suitable route is available, and shipped all together. Delivery time is unpredictable therefore and depends on how soon next batch will be forwarded. That is why we see  6 weeks delivery for Express or 1 week delivery for much cheaper Priority mail sometime. Or vice versa.

Bad news is that NordPost Sweden decided to stop postal exchange with Russia. They still work with Belarus, but not all our adapters are available here. So, some orders from Sweden may be cancelled if necessary items are in stock in Moscow only.

28.03.2022. Both EMS packages sent to South Africa were lost or stolen. We used to ship only with FedEx/UPS there before, but these couriers do not work in Belarus/Russia currently. We can't ship to South Africa therefore. Sorry.

Some packages to USA started to show movement in the USA. Now we can estimate delivery time for EMS as 3-4 weeks. Priority mail will travel longer, probably. But there is a chance that both priority and EMS will travel at the same speed by the same routes.

24.03.2022. Initial info about quick delivery to some countries was correct, but did not became thumb of rule, unfortunately. Many packages experience delays. These delays are not worse than before yet, but we ask you to be patient. Our current estimation is 2 months since shipping date, deadline is 3 months. If package is not delivered in 3 months, we will consider it lost, and refund it. Just let us know since tracking info is not reliable, and we see that some packages are delivered even if tracking info did not update. Thank you.

21.03.2022. Quite strange situation. We started receiving reports of packages delivered to USA, but their tracking numbers show no any progrees after export clearance from Russia or Belarus. Looks like some glitch at USPS or intentional cancellation of tracking service at USA territory for packages from our countries. Let's wait a week or two to see if those were occasional events, or common issue now.

16.03.2022. Priority Mail package reached Malaysia in 18 days. EMS shipment reached USA in 14 days. Now we know that Russian Post found a way for air transportation somehow. I see no much need to continue detailed monitoring furher since is seems that postal system is fully operational. There will be some delays, and average delivery time will be longer than before, but if you are ready to wait, there is nothing to worry about. As to urgent orders, we never accepted them anyway since we just have no any shipping option with guaranteed delivery time.

15.03.2022. Package from Moscow to Japan delivered in 11 days. To Germany in 4 days. To Italy in 6 days. This time is delivery to the country border, not to customer yet. This is not a guaranteed or reference time, just some info on current situation. General impression confirms official info. Air flights are allowed within Russia. From Russia border to neighbor countries delivery proceeds by surface transport, but this does not take longer than usual. Delivery time to distant countries is unknown yet. This will depend on possibility of Russian post and Belpost to use services of foreign airlines.

Also, quite inetersting is that processing within destination country may take longer than International dlivery. For example, mentioned package to Germany was posted in Moscow on March 3rd, reached Germany border on March 7th, but processing by Germany service started only on March 15th.

Therefore we can see that Russian Post does its best currently, and does this much better than some other postal/customs services.

13.03.2022. It seems delivery to Europe works more or less well. Package from Moscow reached Switzerland in 6 days. No packages reached overseas locations like USA or Australia yet. Hope to have more good news within a week.

10.03.2022. Good news. Priority Mail sent from  Russia to Germany on March 3rd reached destination country today. We know now that postal system is operational. I'll post info about other countries as soon as I have delivery updates.

05.03.2022. Some EMS packages sent after February 24th arrived to destination countries already that is good sign. I'll have more info about deliveries in a week, I think. So far the postal system continue to accept International mail.

The only country with potentional issue is Sweden - package addressed to it returned from Russian customs with mark 'there is no delivery to specified country', but neither Russian Post nor PostNord informed about this restriction. Maybe just a mistake. Will try again.

We can not ship to Ukraine and Moldova currently due to closed borders.

01.03.2022. As most people in the world, we are shocked with events related to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Hope this war will end soon. We are getting many questions about our job and postal operation in the current circumstances. We are safe physically so far since we are situated at the Belarus north, about 550 km from Ukraine border. Postal systems of Belarus and Russia work as usually, but warn about possible delays due to sanctions related to airflights. We dont have any statistic for delivery of packages sent after February 24th yet. Will see in 1-2 weeks how things are going. Really sorry that the reason for this news topic is so tragical...

25.02.2022. We a bit overwhelmed with current job, so we stop accepting special orders for a while. Trying to hire more staff, but no luck yet. Sorry about this.

21.01.2022. Adapter customization form is launched. Please feel free to use it and report any bugs found. Thank you.

29.11.2021. Ireland is excluded from the list of countries we ship to. The reason is Irish customs where stuff can not recognize HS code as valid TARIC code and return packages to sender. If you live in Ireland, please ask a friend in EU to buy an item for you and forward it to Ireland from one of EU countries. This trick works so far.